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Reports Concerning Human Rights Abuses During The Coalition War On Iraq

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Previously, the Iraqi Human Rights Group had made its views clear concerning its opposition to the war with Iraq. Instead, the group insisted that the best way to deal with Saddam is to put him on trail as a war criminal and for crimes against humanity. These crimes include the massive loss of life as a result of Saddamís wars against Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, his continuous persecution and emanations of all sectors of the Iraqi opposition as well as his ruthless persecution of Kurds, Turkmenís, Assyrainís as well as the persecution of Shia and Sunni Muslims in all parts of Iraq.

As a result of what we have feared, the Iraqi Human Rights Group is extremely concerned about many reports just received indicate that many Iraqi civilians have been injured during the war that is now taking place. We call upon the administration in the White House to uphold its international commitments particularly concerning war and conflict.

The Iraqi Human Rights Group calls upon the UN Human Rights Committee, the American Human Rights Watch group, and Amnesty International to investigate these reports of civiliansí casualties as the Iraqi Human Rights Group has itself been prevented from going to Iraq.

We also have reliable and accurate reports that have reached us confirming that within the cities of Basra, Karbala and Najaf, that the Fidayeen Saddam (Saddamís Militia) as well as members of the Baath Party have been executing and killing people, for disobeying the orders of the Saddamís regime.

We therefore express our greatly fear for the safety and security of the Iraqi civilians during the existing war.


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 Source : IRAG  

Lists of Saddam Husseinís regime Crimes

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Saddam Hussein and his regime have committed the following Genocide, violations of Human Rights and Crimes during 1968-2002:

1- The regime was imposed by force and suppression on the Iraqi people on 17 July 1968.
2- The regime has been practicing with the intention to destroy, suppress and kill those who oppose the regime. They committed genocide in Iraq by grossly violating and abusing human rights and causing serious bodily and mental harm to millions of Iraqi people.

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 Source : IRAG  

Torturing Iraqi People by Saddamís Regime

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The Iraqi people, for more than 34 years, have had to endure a series of shocking and disturbing methods of physical and mental torture by the hands of the Baathist regime in Iraq. Some of the methods used have not been practised anywhere else and are truly beyond belief. Torture is practiced against all Iraqis, irrespective of being an elderly men, women and children along with those who are sick or disabled. Much detail about the inhuman methods have been found from those who have left Saddam's prisons and detention centres, and many have physical testimonies of the terror they were subjected to.
A grim picture of routine torture in Iraq, whereby awful physical and psychological suffering is inflicted upon political Iraqi opposition and detainees. The regime of Saddam Hussein has enforced a widespread systematic torture and the maintaining of decrees prescribing cruel and inhuman punishment on Iraqis to force them to renounce their political views, join the ruling Baath party, stop criticising the government and its policies, support Saddamís aggressions against Iraqi people and the neighbours of Iraq, and threaten peace and security of the region.

Where is torture experienced?
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 Source : IRAG